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AI360 optimizes your customer's & prospect's experience on your website by integrating an AI assistant as a turnkey solution.

Meet AI360

AI360 enhances your website by allowing your visitors to chat with it, just as they would with a human customer agent.

With AI360, you get an intelligent 24/7 sales rep that knows everything about your business and replies in whatever language it's spoken to.

AI360 is currently working in:


If you would like to find out how AI360 can work for your business....

Why do you need AI360?

In the current competitive business landscape, providing exceptional customer support is not just an option; it is the key to boosting your sales.

Whether you are launching a new venture or refining your existing strategy, investing in customer service is crucial to gaining customer loyalty and fostering business growth.
AI360 helps your prospects and customers get the answers THEY CARE ABOUT. It's selve-serve in fastest possible way.
AI360 works 24/7. It's never sleeping, it doesn't get sick or go on holiday and it's never in a bad mood. It's INTELLIGENT and knows EVERYTHING about your business.
AI360 responds in the same language it's asked so no need to translate your website or force your customers to use translation services.

What’s included?

AI360 harnesses GPT's reasoning ability & is packed with powerful features :

What’s included?

AI360 harnesses GPT's reasoning ability & is packed with powerful features :
Your AI360 collects prospects’ & customers’ emails..
AI360 knows +50 languages powered by OpenAI
There’s no commitment. You pay as you go, however discounts are available for 6/12 month packages.
AI360 is integrated into your website with a single line of code. It can be up and running on your website within 24 hours ofpayment.
Further customizations are possible- Tell us what you need…
AI360 knows all the publicly available data on your website, and uses this data to answers your prospects’ queries..
Track how your assistantis directing prospects using your existinganalyticssuite - No additional software needed.
AI360 never stops learning and improving it’s understanding of your company. Choose monthly or weekly updates.
AI360 is Software-as-a-Service. There are no hosting requirements for the solution, and no reliance on internal any IT resources.

How your AI360 keeps improving

When your assistant is initially launched, it possesses all the information available on your website and can respond to inquiries about it in over 50 languages.

Inevitably, prospects may pose questions beyond this initial scope, and your assistant may not be able to provide answers.

This is an inherent aspect of engaging with an iterative AI. Refer to the diagram on the right to comprehend how your AI360 learns and enhances its capabilities over time.
1. Review, Audit,& Plan
Your routine performance report showcases:

- Popular topics.
- Answers that could be improved.
- Questions your AI couldn’t answer.

These are the topics we use to further train your AI360 AI, so that it keeps learning & improving the value it provides your prospects and clients.
2. Add Website Content
Our team uses this information to prepare NEW content for your website addressing these gaps.

Once you review and confirm the new data, we upload it to your website, and retrain your AI with the new information.

This content has added value for you SEO efforts, &supports your Google rankings.
3. New Responses Delivered
The next time your assistant encounters a similar question, it will utilize the new data to furnish the correct and relevant response.

Eventually, when prospects pose a question the AI cannot answer, the next iteration begins...


We aim to make deploying AI360 a frictionless and time efficient process. Here are answers to frequently asked questions.....
What are the benefits of the product or service?
AI360 offers a range of benefits tailored to meet your needs. AI360 is designed to offer excellent first line communications with customers and prospects. AI360 can be customized to convert your web traffic in any way you want.
What is the price and what are the payment options?
Price depends on required service level. AI360 is available at three tiers. Brand, Corporate and Enterprise.
How can I test how well it works?
We are currently offering a free trial for new customers. You can use AI360 to submit your site URL and your email address and we will scrape and train AI360 on your data.
How does the delivery or service provision process work?
We scrape your website, give you a one line script to add to your homepage. That's it. If you need AI360 to follow a customized process we should hop on a video call to discuss.
Is customer support available for questions or issues?
Absolutely! Try AI360 first, and just type whatsapp to open a chat with the team. We're available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

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