AIS - Customer Experience Training in VR

VRG Asia offers immersive VR training for customer service staff. Experience the future of training.VRG developed a series of VR training scenarios filmed in 360 3D 8k. Training retail staff at scale.

Why use VR for training?

Virtual Reality offers the opportunity to have a playful, non-distractive immersive environment to learn. Experience shows a high level of engagement by using gamification. Participants are confronted with real life examples of information security and the (potential) negative consequences their actions might cause.

However, they are in a safe environment and failing does not have any harmful consequences. Reflecting on the actions taken will create a full learning loop and increase awareness and enabling desired behaviour. This will positively stimulate the participant to view the situation from several points of view. Enhancing insights will greatly benefit the awareness and understanding of security. Because we focus on the positive, participants are more likely to continue playing and learn more.

VRG is partnered with WarpVR

We partnered with WarpVR as they have the most advanced 360 video training platform available. WarpVR handles trainee analytics and back-end services whilst VRG consults and produces the training scenarios. We use the insta360 pro 2 camera which shoots 360 3D video at 8k resolution.

Why 360 video rather than Unity or Unreal Engine?

Although much progress has been made in real-time 3D, it's still difficult to create realistic human characters without the uncanny valley effect. Users are distracted or unnerved by rendered avatars, especially faces. It's very tricky to convey human emotions and motivations using rigged 3D models. We usually recommend using actors for 360 video content which results in much more nuanced experience and when the training involves soft skills, for example dealing with difficult customers, the best option is 360 video.

A gaming mindset:

Learn by doing / Learn through experience

Safe environment

Making mistakes is good / show consequences

Scaffolding information

Get in character / storytelling

Designed and tested before filming

The process

Identify problem areas or learning objectives

Develop scenarios storylines, each one based on a specific learning outcome

Test and practice the scenarios until completion.

Film scenes on location


Upload video files to the WarpVR platform


The WarpVR platform works on Pico and Quest headsets, iOS and Android devices and Windows and OSX machines. Although the best experience is had in a VR headset such as the Quest 3, staff can use whatever is available.

Trainee Analytics

VR training is designed for scale. With hundreds of trainees AIS is able to review trainee performance data at a granular level, right down to the individual. This can be used as part of performance review or to identify locations that perform below target by location. region or department.


Now AIS has a way to train hundreds of retail staff in specific areas that need improvement. The training is engaging, effective and can be done when staff have spare time on location in AIS branches across Bangkok.